Oldebroek, Gelderland, Netherlands – Volkstelling 1830

I’ve been doing some family history, which brought me to the images of the 1830 census in Oldebroek, Gelderland. There isn’t an index for those images, so I was going through page by page looking for my people. While I was at it, I decided to make a quick document with the surnames that I came across. The images weren’t always easy to read, so I know the names aren’t all correct. But hopefully this helps someone find their own ancestors easier than going page by page like I did.

Oldebroek, Gelderland, Netherlands – Volkstelling 1830 Surname Index (Achternaam index)

Let me reiterate, I know many of the names are probably wrong, but I didn’t have time to scrutinize the images. But by thinking of the shapes of the letters, you can probably tell what variations that might match your person. I’m also happy for anyone to use this document as a basis to flesh out the rest of the information there. Feel free to modify this to help more people!

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