Eurovision Party 2017: Ukraine Decor


We’re really getting into the Eurovision spirit now! We found some Ukrainian candies at the local Russian deli. So with the 2017 necklace theme art in mind, I’ve made some Ukrainian “beads” (using the template from Hattifant) and tucked the candies inside.



And the photo in our frame of honour goes is the little Ukranian who stole everyone’s hearts… or robbed Nancy Kerrigan depending on where you stand on the 1994 Olympic ice skating battle.


Eurovision 2017 – Judge-Along Booklets

Booklet Printables

Here are the printable booklets for the 2017 semi-finals so you can judge along at home. We give a score out of 5 for song, outfit, & performance and use that to determine who would get our douze points. Each semi-final is printed two-sided on one piece of paper and then folded into a neat booklet with no need for glue or staples.

(Right-click and “save-as” if they don’t show up correctly in browser.)

Folding instructions here.

Papercraft Jamala based on the work of Ben Morris’s Europops. Credit for the cubicon is completely his. He just hasn’t made the cubicons in a couple of years, and it had been a tradition. (See Loreen, Conchita, that guy.) So I modified his Jamala europop from last year to make her outfit more like her winning wardrobe.

Eurovision 2017 Party Invitation


Time to save the date! Eurovision party invitations are here. Just add your own shcho/de/koly (what/where/when). If you want to get super authentic Ukrainian, you can use this cool free font based on the handwriting of famous Ukrainian poet, writer, artist, public and political figure — Taras Shevchenko.

Here’s our tentative plan if you need some inspiration…

I’m still adding bits to my Eurovision Pinterest board, so be sure to follow it for more Ukrainian ideas!

Eurovision Party 2017: Necklace Flags

Yay! So excited to be getting ready for another Eurovision. Today I started the pickling process for some plums we’ll have at our party, and I’m also starting to look for decoration inspiration and, of course, recipes.

I’m also going to try putting together the invitations & judging booklets a little earlier this year, so I put together some beaded necklaces for each country based on the theme artwork. (PDF)
Eurovision 2017 Flag Beads

Devastated about the loss of Julia & Sam as Australia’s commentators, but I’m willing to have an open mind. *sigh*