A bit of Russia

The past two weeks have been all about winter, Russia, and sports. I’m a bit sad that the closing ceremony is only a day away, but then it’s on to Rio!

Our Russian food attempts worked out pretty good for the most part. The dessert may have been a bit of a fail, but I think we’ll keep a few of these in our regular food repertoire.

Beef Stroganoff
PelmeniSalad Russian Salad
Birds Milk Dessert Oladi Russian Pancakes

Our Russian-themed decorations were mostly all from things from my Pinterest inspiration board. (Bad nighttime mobile photos ahead…)

Russian Ballet Russian Dance Russian Icons
Passport to FUN
Go AU & NZ! Go AU & US!
Matryoshka Banner
Sweet Matryoshka Tolstoy is my Homeboy Get in the Russian Mood

Olympic Party / Russian Theme Night: Food

The full opening ceremony is only playing here at a ridiculous hour, so we’re going to have a bit of Russian cuisine all weekend. Nothing is set in stone yet, but my ideas may give you some ideas.

I happened to discover the Ruski Way Deli, and we stopped there the other night after work. The owner was an absolute delight, and I think he was a bit taken with our ignorance and curiosity. Before we left, he ended up inviting us to the local Russian Club for a pancake event they are having so that we could experience more of their food. So lovely.

In my searches, I think if you make a dish combining any of the following food items, you’d be pretty spot on with something Russian: meat, cabbage, potatoes, dill, onion, garlic, sour cream, vinegar.


  • Beef & Pork Pelmeni – I came across many recipes for making these yourself… but I need to be eating these tomorrow, and ain’t nobody got time for dat. Conveniently, the Ruski Way Deli makes their own. The gentleman was even kind enough to tell us his preferred preparation method. (Put frozen into boiling water, bring back to boil for 2 min., fry in butter with a bit of garlic until golden.) We also picked up cabbage & onion vareniki. So far as I can tell, if it doesn’t have any sort of meat in it, it’s a ‘vareniki’ instead of a ‘pelmeni’.
  • Tomato & Cucumber Salad – Looks like a refreshing side to our dumplings.


  • Bird’s Milk Dessert – I found photos and a recipe for this creamy white dessert here. That recipe has it topped with a sort of chocolate gelatin. But then she has another recipe variation where it is topped with raspberry jello. I’m going to try to combine the two for a mega 3-layer cream/raspberry/chocolate deliciousness palate explosion. I’ll let you know how that goes.
  • Russian Candies – We found a bunch of Russian sweets at the deli and bought two of each. I may do reviews as we go along.


  • Ruski Lemons – I have a feeling these aren’t really Russian, but with a name and star like that, I’m going with it.
  • Basilur Tea – It looks like this is just regular old Sri Lankan tea, but the Russian shop was filled with different varieties. Plus their is Russian text on the tin, so we’re going with it. We opted for the Magic Fruits book.
  • I wish I had thought ahead and ordered these Tetris Shape Ice Cube Trays. It would be the coolest (pun intended).


  • Oladi – Russian pancakes for breakfast if we manage to stay awake that long! These look more crepey than pancakey, but I’m fine with that. We have raspberry jam from the Ruski Way Deli and sour cream for toppings… which I think will be delicious.

Sochi-Inspired Diamond Quilted Flag Printables


Inspired by the patchwork quilt design of the Sochi Olympics, I put together some flags for our decorations. I started out with Russia, Australia & U.S. And then went on to countries of ethnic origin for us and some of the friends we know. Unfortunately, I didn’t really consider that I should check whether all the countries have teams representing at Sochi. So even though there won’t be any South Africans to cheer for, you can still wave their banner. (Oops.)

RU_QuiltFlag_Sochi2014 US_QuiltFlag_Sochi2014 AU_QuiltFlag_Sochi2014
NZ_QuiltFlag_Sochi2014 CA_QuiltFlag_Sochi2014 UK_QuiltFlag_Sochi2014
NL_QuiltFlag_Sochi2014 PH_QuiltFlag_Sochi2014 ZA_QuiltFlag_Sochi2014
PL_QuiltFlag_Sochi2014 BA_QuiltFlag_Sochi2014 KR_QuiltFlag_Sochi2014

Click for larger rectangular images. Flags are:
Russia, United States, Australia
New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom
Netherlands, Philippines, South Africa
Poland (Indonesia), Bosnia & Herzegovina, Korea

I realize I’ve neglected a lot of the likely medal winners, so if you have any requests, I still have all my diamonds saved off.

Edited to add Poland, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Korea, by request. (Poland also doubles as an upside-down Indonesian flag!)

Sochi Party Planning

It’s almost time for another theme night for the Olympics opening ceremony. I’ve started an inspiration board.

Follow Olympics Party board on Pinterest.

I don’t know if I’ll do invitations yet, but a Russian Passport with an Opening Ceremony Ticket tucked inside would be cute, right?

I’ve been looking at the font on the ticket. It has a very distinct ‘K’, and using identifont there is a similar ‘K’ with the font Signika, but not a lot else matches. A closer look at the Sochi site web code, and it looks like they are using a specially created font called, of all things, Sochi2014 in bold, medium, and light… along with a font family called Etelka.

Need to start thinking about food, and we’ll obviously need to have White Russians