Eurovision Party Playlist

As in years past, I’ve been curating a playlist of artists who hail from Austria for our pre-Eurovision party… mostly because I rarely think about Austria, and I feel like it’s important to recognize that there are struggling musicians everywhere who have a song in their hearts. Some of this is outside my normal tastes, but I’ve found a way to appreciate almost all of these songs in their own way. (Disclaimer: I don’t speak German, so I can’t be responsible for the lyrical content therein. Although half the fun is not knowing the words for some of them!)

Eurovision Denmark Party Decoration Ideas

I’ll admit that very little came to mind when it came to decorating for a Danish-themed party. Denmark flies a bit under my radar in general, except for Princess Mary, Australia’s royalty. The only other icons that come to mind are Hans Christian Andersen, author of many beloved fairy tales, and Victor Borge, the first comedian I was ever allowed to watch. But then there is LEGO and a whole host of Danish design icons to explore… so with that in mind, these are a few of my Danish Party decorations.

Lego Crayons
I found some LEGO crayons at Officeworks which will be used to fill out our judging forms (see next post).

For artwork, I love these minimalist book covers for Hans Christian Andersen stories: The Princess and the Pea, The Little Mermaid, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and The Ugly Duckling.

I’m also using these love birds by Danish designer Kay Bojesen somewhere.

We’ll have Mary in a framed place of pride as well.

JoinUs Gems
I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers, but I’m hoping the #JoinUs and diamonds of their theme art will play a big part in the show. So I’ve made these sweet origami paper diamonds with the hashtag to frame the television.

Straw Shapes
I’ve also hacked together some geometric pyramids and diamonds out of straws. I don’t know if this will come into play with the set or not, but they were in some of the website backgrounds… so we’ll see.

Then as a bit of inspiration, I’ve put some Hans Christian Andersen quotes over photographs of mine. I’ve got these hanging around the house, and you’re welcome to use them too. (Click photos for larger images.)
Miracles called Ordinary quote by Hans Christian Andersen - photo by

To Travel is to Live quote by Hans Christian Andersen - photo by

One Must have a Little Flower quote by Hans Christian Andersen - photo by

Eurovision 2014 – Judge Along Printable Booklets

Eurovision Semifinals Judging Form
Like last year, I have put together booklets for the semi-finals so you can judge along at home. We give a score out of 5 for song, outfit, & performance and use that to determine who would get our douze points. Each semi-final is printed two-sided on one piece of paper and then folded into a neat booklet with no need for glue or staples.

Folding instructions here.

Eurovision Semifinals Judging Booklets

Counting down to Eurovision – #JoinUs


Eurovision 2014 is nearly here. Australia actually gets to participate in a non-participating way. And we are busy planning our party.

I’ve got my Pinterest inspiration board in full swing, and this year I’m making a YouTube playlist of current popular Danish music to play before/after the broadcast. (And I’m actually really digging some of the artists I’ve come across.)

More decoration ideas and printables coming in the next couple of days!

Again, don’t miss this year’s Minipop Icons of the contestants. And the Chow Down to Eurovision series over at Don’t Boil the Sauce.

Eurovision Party: The Table

Time to concentrate a bit on the table. I wanted my table to reflect Sweden a bit, and to me nothing is more Swedish than Swedish fish! But alas, they are hard to come by in Australia.

I had a little budget to pick up some things from Ikea, but it would be easy to use them as inspiration and make your own. I’ve also made up some menus and labels for the different dishes we’re serving… inspired by Marianne Nilsson’s “sill” design. These would work for any Swedish-themed party and not just Eurovision.


  • Fish Poster – A trip to Ikea got me the the centrepiece and inspiration for my decorations. It was quite cheap, but with a few supplies, you could also make your own version.
  • Åkerkulla Curtain Panel – another swipe from Ikea to use for a table runner. It would also be easy to translate this into your own design if you had some craft paint or markers and a long piece of fabric or even paper.
  • Swedish Menu Printable (PDF) – One column has two menus with headers in Swedish, and the second column has menus with headers in English. If you print this double-sided, you’ll end up with 4 menus with English on one side and Swedish on the other. I used the magic of Google translate to get the names in Swedish… love the extra characters they have in their alphabet… å ä ö!
  • Swedish Heart Butterflies (PDF template) – One Swedish-y decoration I came across was the Swedish woven heart. If you’re like me, you probably made the basket version of these for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s day at some point in your childhood. (This place has a crazy number of variations if you ever need to know. And also this fancy version.) With this year’s Eurovision butterfly theme, I modified the heart to make Swedish butterfly wings.


  • Swedish Food Labels (PDF) – My food labels are more of the herring (sill) pattern that I created. Again I put the Swedish name large on top of the lines and then put the English translation smaller underneath. The little stands I was going to use to hold these up by the food were a craft fail, so I’m back to the drawing board, but it would be easy to use the old binder clip stand solution. The first link is to the blank label file, but if you’re doing the same menu as me (read: mostly Ikea food), you can also use my filled out cards (pdf).
  • Loreen Cubicon – a little figure in tribute to the girl who brought Eurovision to Sweden.

Easy DIY Booklet

Having a Eurovision party this week and want to figure out who gets your douze points? I’ve got a little booklet for each semi-final with space to judge each song, outfit and performance. Add them together for your own ranking.

I have the PDF printables available for Semi Final 1 and Semi Final 2. Set fit-to-page for printing and double-sided if you have that ability.

Then just follow these simple instructions. A few folds and a couple of snips, and you will have your own 10-page booklet out of one sheet of paper. (If using the PDFs, you’ll be folding on the dotted lines and cutting on the solid. But you can easily use these instructions to make a little book for any other purpose too!) The PDFs are A4 paper, because America doesn’t do Eurovision. When making your own, you can use any size paper knowing that your final book size will be 1/8th the size of that paper.


Fold paper in half the long way and then the short way. Then fold the two ends in towards the middle. You’ll end up with a grid of 8 rectangles.


Using a scissors, cut along the folds so that you’ve made a sort of ‘T’ in the center of your paper. (As above.)


Fold open the “double doors”.


Then fold the paper back in half the long way.


Here’s where it gets a little tricky to type the directions, but fold it in half at the two rectangles which were opposite the “open doors”.


Then it will look like the above. Ready for the final fold. You’ll be looking at the final two pages of your book OR at the front & back cover depending which way you have it laying.


Make the final fold so that your cover pages are on the outside. And voilà! A book! I sometimes have to adjust some of the folds a little bit (particularly if using a thicker paper.) I trim the edges a bit too if I had a wonky fold somewhere, but just make sure you don’t trim one a side that is a fold and not an edge.

You can also put a dot of glue in the gaps where blank sides are touching each other, but I find they sit pretty fine without it.

Eurovision Party Invites 2013

Using the official artwork and styleguide, I put together this emailable invitation for our Eurovision party this week.

I’ve saved off versions that you can customise for your own. There’s a blank version with space for your own “what (vad), where (där) and when (när)” and a mostly blank version which has the “what” already filled in.

If you don’t happen to have the Gotham font, Circle isn’t a bad alternative. Just add a layer with your party details in white.

Get Ready for Eurovision

That’s right, Eurovision is around the corner, and it’s time to start organizing our Swedish theme night.
I’ve got some crafts and printables coming soon, but in the meantime, the best thing on the internet right now are the 2013 Eurovision Minipop Icons and Cubicons. You know the little Cubicon of Loreen is going to be in a place of honor.

I’m still planning my menu, but don’t miss these sites with Swedish food inspiration:

  • Don’t Boil the Sauce – he is doing an amazing series counting down to Eurovision with each entry containing a food item from one competing Eurovision country. If you’re going for a more multicultural party, this place is a great resource.
  • Swedish recipes from “The recipes here are specially created for the Swedish embassies around the world together with some of Sweden’s best chefs.”