St Matthew Passion

Last night we got to see the Opera Queensland performance of St Matthew Passion by JS Bach.  It was my first time to the opera, and I was so excited and equally nervous. I wasn’t sure how I would go with 3 hours of German with projected subtitles, but everything I had heard about the piece was that it was a must-see. Even the program said that this work is to musicians as the Olympics are to athletes.

It completely met my high expectations, and the hours flew by. It was first performed in 1727, which is sort of mind-blowing if you think about it. I especially appreciated the staging and street clothes on the performers. It felt a little more accessible for my first time. The Australian had a lovely review as well.

This piece in Part Two was one of my favourites:

A couple of things irked me, and maybe moreso because it was quite a mature audience. Sadly, I have come to expect people younger than me to lack a certain standard of manners.

#1. If you are going to go out to eat prior to sitting in close quarters with a bunch of people who don’t know you and thus may be less forgiving of your indigestion, please reconsider those garlic prawns, gyoza, onion rings, spicy curry or whatever causes you to burp that smell up for three hours. I mean, really.

#2. Hold on to your crap. Put that phone in your purse, set it under your seat, or wedge it under your leg. Is it so hard to not drop things on to a hard floor during a performance?

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